Is it Harder for Women to be in the Workforce?

February 15, 2011

Currently I work and I’m going to school. At my job we are in the middle of firing an employee. Turns out to put it bluntly he has been screwing us over for over a year now. What my biggest problem with myself is that even after someone has been literally screwing with my life and my companies well-being, I still feel bad we have to fire him.  Maybe it’s just me or maybe it’s because I am a woman but somehow I still feel bad for people. I still feel bad when people have to be let go.  I strongly or highly believe this has something to do with being a woman. So I propose this question, As a woman is it harder to be in the workforce? I think in some ways yes.  Men don’t have to deal with having crazy hormone issues once a month.  Men also just aren’t as emotional as women in general. I often wonder if being a woman dampers my ability to do my job. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for us women. I support any other woman to the full extent and I think we should but I wonder if anyone else ever feels this way. I wonder if any other woman out there thinks that it is also tough to be a woman and be in the workforce?

I feel like I am constantly struggling to keep a balance in my life and do the right thing.  No matter what I always want to do the right thing and what is best for myself and the people I love. It sucks being in a position where you have to disappoint someone even when you know they have been burning you for a long time. I think that possibly it is a part of being a woman.  I think we feel more empathy towards others than men possibly do. Men I know feel empathy and they have emotions but it is a proven fact that they actually only experience a total of five emotions total. I wonder if that is possibly why there are so many men who are CEO’s and other top executives. Or why we have only ever seen men as presidents of the U.S. Either way it is an interesting question to pose. So maybe men are more cut out sort of speak to “do business.” However, as a woman I still think we can run with the best of them and be graceful and elegant at the same time.


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