Being in a Relationship can make you more Productive and Happy!

March 13, 2011

Whether you are married, engaged, or boyfriend/girlfriend with someone, it is important to know that having support from a significant other can make all the difference. Having someone who always has your back and always is there for you can make a huge difference in your life. Plus, who doesn’t want to hang out with their best friend all the time? I know I do. I want to be with someone who is there for me and treats me with the respect that I deserve. I think being in a healthy and loving relationship can not only increase your efficiency but can also make you more proactive in other areas of your life.

For me it is my boyfriend who helps motivate me. He is always there for me, good or bad, and helps me realize what is important in life. He reminds me that family is what comes first and then everything else. For me, he is my rock and helps me to get through tough times. Before I met him, I was happy but I could tell something was missing. I was missing that support and love that comes from a healthy relationship. I think once you get that you quickly realize how important it is to have someone who loves and cares for you no matter what.

I think some people would make the argument that they don’t need a spouse or significant other in their life in order to be happy and productive. Which maybe true for some. I am definitely not saying everyone is like me and should have someone special in their life. I am saying that for me that’s what works, that is what helps me keep going.  It helps me on days when I am sad or just having a tough day. So for me, being in a relationship makes me happy and therefore, I am a more productive and proactive individual. Let me know what you think and if your partner/spouse makes your life better at home and at work.



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