Are you Self-Critical?

March 17, 2011

I was thinking this morning about some things and realized something. I am my own worst enemy. I came to the conclusion that the only person who is really hard on me is myself. So why be so self-critical? I don’t know. Maybe I have self-esteem issues, but I doubt it. Or perhaps, I just want to be perfect at everything? I am not sure, but i do know that I seem to be the one who is most critical of my actions. No one else is going care if I look super put together that day or that my hair looks nice. Nope, it’s really just me. So where do we get this from? Why are we so critical on ourselves? Also, does it relate to gender, maybe women are more hard on themselves than men are?

For me I think what it boils down to is that I am not a super competitive person. The only person I compete with is myself. I want to be the best that I can be.  I’m not trying to beat anyone else. I just want to be me but the best me. So maybe that is what it comes down to. I just want to be the best “Amber” that I can be. So I ask the following questions:

1. Who do you compete with? Yourself or others?

2. Are you self-critical?

3.If you are self-critical, why do you think this is and is it a good or bad thing?

Let me know what your thoughts and ideas are and if you feel the same as myself? Thanks for any comments!


One comment

  1. Amber, I feel the same way all the times. I think its not really a self-esteem issue but a disappointment in myself. I guess i know that I’m capable of so much more than I actually apply myself to. Sometimes you need to force yourself to adopt an outsiders perspective and realize how great you actually are. Thanks.

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