The Power Struggle: Woman vs. Dog

April 2, 2011

Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are meeting with a dog trainer to discuss what we can do for my two dogs, Snuggles and Bubbles. Yes, my dogs names are Snuggles and Bubbles and they are the cutest things in the world, however, lately my dogs have been acting out of line, especially my dog Snuggles. She has been acting very dominant over everyone and apparently thinks the house is hers and my boyfriend and I just happen to be privileged enough to live with her. I personally find this both humorous and annoying. On the one hand, I love my dogs and have probably spoiled them a little too much. How could I not? They are small, white, fluffy and possibly the cutest things I have ever seen. So we are meeting with a trainer to essentially discuss how I can start asserting my dominance. I need to show them who is pack leader, and it is not Snuggles or Bubbles.

So now I am struggling with the issue of dominance. I have never been a very assertive person. I would blame this on the fact that I’m a girl and a very girly one at that. So I really have never felt the need to take on the masculine role and assert my dominance.  However, now that my dog is acting up I feel the need to start asserting myself and take control of what is going on.  So tomorrow when I meet with the trainer, apparently this is what I am going to learn. How to assert my dominance and if  implemented correctly I will be able to take charge of my house and my dogs.  If I can successfully implement these new roles and rules in my life, I think I will be doing pretty good. I’m sure it won’t hurt for me to become a little less girly and a little more masculine. So if you have had similar experiences or are having your own dominance problem, let me know. Thanks for listening!



  1. My dogs are the same. They run around like they own the house. Sometimes it really seems like they can even talk back! How was the meeting with the trainer? I hope it went well! I have to agree with you, being a little more masculine definitely won’t hurt. We all need to know when stand the ground.

    • Actually the trainer was super good. His company name is On Command if you are ever looking for someone to help with your little rascals, then I would recommend him. He had my dog Snuggles obeying and listening in the first session. Plus he was really personable and nice but showed me how to be a bit more assertive. Thanks for the comment Irene!

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