Social Media-Good or Bad for your Relationship?

April 9, 2011

Is social media good for your relationship? Yesterday my boyfriend said he saw a segment on T.V. discussing how social media can hurt your relationship. At first, I was more on the side that social media can’t effect a relationship. After all it’s just social media, how damaging could it be? However, after further examination, I realized it can affect your relationship. One way in which it can do this is if you are constantly glued to your crackberry or iPhone. You know who you are. You are constantly being told by others that you are a Facebook Queen/King. Your partner may feel that you are neglecting him or her because you are constantly preoccupied with Twitter, Foursquare or whichever your media of choice is. They may start feeling like all you care about is your computer and iPhone, rather than them. This can’t be the healthiest place to be, so you may want to think how you could remedy a situation like this before it gets too bad. Another way your relationship can be affected is by what others say. Let’s say you have a Facebook and innocently post a cute picture of you and your friends, and then some random guy/girl comes and makes a dumb comment about how cute you are or something to that affect. Anyone would have a right to question why this person is saying something like this to you. So essentially, unless you are super careful with what you say or post then you could be in for a world of jealousy. Another issue that can arise is the fact that you are being so public with yourself, it opens you up to well everyone. This can make privacy a big issue for anyone. I don’t think social media is going away anytime soon, in fact it’s pretty much what I do for work but I do think it is important we be careful with what we say and put out there. Let me know your thoughts!


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