Don’t just Settle on Being Content, Be Happy!

April 10, 2011

What makes you happy? I think this question is super important to ask yourself. You need to decide what makes you happy and what enriches your life. Is it your spouse, your kids, your family, your pets, your job? What makes you happy? For me it is my boyfriend, friends, family, my job, school and my dogs that all make me happy. Without those in my life I think I would be one sad lady. Yet you maybe asking yourself why am I even talking about this? Well I think more often than not people delude themselves into thinking they are happy because they are simply content in their lives, but I want to break that barrier down and expose it for what it is. Being content does not mean you are happy, that simply means you have settled. You settled because either you were scared or didn’t know better. Yet this is no way to live. You shouldn’t just be content with your life you deserve to be happy and surround yourself with things that make you happy. If you can’t think of what makes you happy than I suggest writing out a list of things that make you smile or laugh first. Then from that list extract what makes you happy in your life. I believe if we can pinpoint those things that make us most happy in our lives than the more likely we are to surround ourselves with those things. So think about what you have and be grateful for those things and if there are things missing in your life than strive for those things. Just remember you deserve to be happy not just content. Thanks for any comments!

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