What would you do for Someone You Loved?

April 17, 2011

I just watched the movie, Conviction and started thinking about the idea of sacrificing everything for someone you love. The movie is based on a true story about a woman whose brother is wrongly accused of a murder and is sentenced to life in prison. She goes back to school just to become a lawyer, so she can prove her brother’s innocence. After 18 years, she is able to prove her brother’s innocence and free him from his wrongful conviction. Which brings me to the point, what would you do for someone you love or care for? Would you go to such lengths for someone you love? I think a lot of people would just give up and let their loved one rot in jail. I’m not even sure myself what I would do to be perfectly honest. I would like to think I could be that strong to help my loved one and prove their innocence but I’m not completely sure.

This brings me to the idea of what would you do for someone? How hard would you be willing to work to help someone out if you knew they were in the right? I think all of us should have it in ourselves to be able to work that hard if we believe in something, but I would think more often than not, we wouldn’t. It is really hard to answer this question because there are so many factors that could come into play. I think for any of us could admire Hillary Swanks character in the movie. Not only is this woman determined but she shows so much strength in such adverse conditions. She is willing to almost give up her whole life just in order to save her brothers. I think this shows tremendous courage and strong will. So I leave the same question with you. What would you do for someone you love and care for? Would you be willing to go to such lengths? Let me know what you would do.

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  1. I would do anything to meet the need of someone I love. By this I do not mean a dependency, like drugs, but a real need like kicking drugs.

    In short, I want to do what is in the best interest of the person I love. I also want to be the helper of my love’s dreams and goals.

    P.s. Caught your tweet and it interested me.

    • Alex, thanks for the post and input. Greatly appreciated.

  2. I would spend my whole life for my family or someone I loved. We are all put here for a reason and if thats the reason so be it. I will always fight for my family!

    BTW Good Movie!

    • Thanks Michael. It was a good movie, thanks for the comment!

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