3 Tips on How Women can keep themselves Safe Online

April 25, 2011

As women we need to stay safe. Let’s face it ladies pound per pound a man will always be stronger than us. So how do we stay safe in a realm that is not reality? In the social media world how do we stay safe, yet put ourselves out there? Social media doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Yet, for women we have to be cautionary how we use it. We need to use social media with some precautionary steps rather than use it as a social/party scene. If we use it in a professional manner than we can set ourselves up for possible success but if we are using social media to exploit ourselves and our late night parties that we attended then we set ourselves up for possible disaster. There are a few steps I think any woman can take before using social media.

  1. Keep it professional. Do not post things that you wouldn’t want others to see including your mother, grandmother, kids, anyone and everyone.
  2. Be careful with who you add or follow. If it looks like spam, than chances are its spam.
  3. Do not feel bad if you are rude to someone. If someone starts harassing you or sending you unwanted messages, don’t be afraid to tell them you do not appreciate it. Also, feel free to delete anyone who does this as well.

Let me know what tips you have for staying safe online. Thanks for comments.



  1. Good remind, Amber! Also don’t put too much private information is the key to avoid danger and trouble.

    • Thanks Cheng for the comment. I totally agree, you can never be too safe, even online.

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