PC vs. MAC…Which one do you Love?

April 27, 2011

Are you a MAC or a PC person? This question would never have even been thought of even 10 or 15 years ago, but now it seems like our world has been divided into those who love PC’s and those who love MAC’s. I personally used to be all over the PC. I loved it and thought PC’s were where it was at. They provided me internet access, Microsoft word and so much more. However, in 2007 I became a MAC girl. I got my first “real” MAC laptop back in 2007 as a graduation gift from college. I had that sucker up until recently when something happened with the RAM and now needs new RAM. So instead of trying to update my old MAC I got a new MAC book pro, which is pretty AWESOME! So what made me switch from being a PC user to a MAC user you ask?

Well there are probably several reasons I made the “switch.” First of all, I will be honest and I wanted a MAC because I thought it looked cool at the time. I thought it was the cool kid on the block. I wanted it because it was sleek and totally different looking than any PC I had ever seen. So I made the plunge and got my first MAC and went from there. Honestly, I didn’t know anything about MAC’s when I first started. I had to just take the leap and try it out and once I started getting used to it, I realized how much more user-friendly they were. That brings me to my second point, I got a MAC and made the switch because they are so user-friendly. I will admit I know about technology but I’m not the most technologically savvy person out there by any means. So having my MAC makes my life easier. It makes figuring things out on my computer easier than ever before when I used a PC. My last reason for why I switched is because I no longer have to worry about firewalls or Norton anti-virus. MAC’s do a great job at keeping out viruses and such from your computer. So those are pretty much the reasons why I’m such a fan of MAC’s and why I love them so much. Let me know what side you are on, MAC or PC….let the war continue!

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  1. Great information! I’ve never used Apple’s computer and don’t know how convenient it is for protecting from viruses. The technology people love more, the lazier they are! Haha

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