Are you Happy and Confident or just Satisfied and Bored?

April 28, 2011

Are you happy and confident or just satisfied and bored? Many people are happy to settle on being satisfied. They believe, “well I’m doing ok so why strive for more?” They think life isn’t too bad and I’m supporting myself and my family so why switch things up? But I think a lot of people fail to ask themselves if they are truly happy and confident. They assume because they are doing alright that means they are happy, when in reality they could be happier and have more.

So what makes you a happy confident person as opposed to just a satisfied person? Well I believe it really is a personal preference. You need to know that not one thing is going make everyone happy. Some people are happy being alone and some people need others around them. Some people are happy to eat the same thing everyday while others need change everyday. So it really is a personal preference what makes you happy. Yet, I think it is important to take that into consideration for yourself and assess whether or not you are satisifing those things that make you happy in your life. Maybe you love gardening but you currently aren’t gardening because you live in a small apartment. Well, why not buy plants such as herbs and have a little herb garden right there in your apartment? Maybe it’s not exactly what you want but it can at least get you started. So think about the things that really make you happy and if you are not doing it currently then try and shift things in your life to focus a little more on those things, you would be surprised how much it could change your life. Thanks for any comments!

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