Bank of America, First National Bank and Northwind Apartments…Bad Customer Service All Around

May 2, 2011

Customer service seems to be getting worst and worst. Lately, everywhere I go I have seen nothing but bad customer service. Everywhere from my old apartment building (Northwind Apartments), to Bank of America to First National Bank…They all have one thing in common, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am a very understanding person but these places alone have tried to screw me over or someone I know and care about over. Whoever they are trying to hurt, it really doesn’t matter, what matters is we as a public are not getting the respect we deserve from these companies. We deserve for banks to treat us with respect and not act like we are criminals. We deserve for apartment complexes to not report us to credit bureaus and make up claims that we destroyed the apartment when we didn’t. We deserve respect and dignity from companies and deserve it now. I’m shocked to see how many people get “screwed” over by these major corporations. You would think that because these places are larger than they would have more regard in terms of helping people, but on the contrary they probably screw with more people than other companies since they are larger and can handle a few complaints. They probably think well we have the money to back ourselves up if people complain or they think because they are large it is ok to treat people without respect.  I don’t agree with any of it. I think big or small, your company and it’s people should always treat its customers with respect. They need to treat them with dignity and if anything go out of their way to help the customer. Instead lately, all I have seen is the total opposite.

Bank of America reported my name to the credit bureaus after I supposedly did not pay my payments on a credit card that I had through them. Turned out that I was trying to pay my statements but Bank of America screwed up and had put my address in the section where you are supposed to put in the address for the credit card company you are trying to pay. First National Bank here in Reno, NV looked at my boyfriend and I as if we were criminals because he had fraud under his name. If they had looked further into things they would have seen that the fraud was not due to him but someone had stolen his old checks and written bad ones in his name. Instead, they judged us right off the bat and wouldn’t even speak with us.  My old apartment building, Northwind Apartments is trying to claim I left damage in my old apartment and want to charge me over $500. Too bad I took pictures of the “so called” damages and can show proof how I left things in pretty darn good condition. They even had the nerve to say on the paper they gave me that they were going charge me for fingerprints! Yes, $3 to wipe off some fingerprints!

So I guess my point is this, trust none of these companies. Bad customer service can happen anywhere. Luckily, I spoke with Bank of America and they are removing the false accusation on my account and it will come off my credit. However, it still bothered me that I even had to go through the stress of getting them to take that off my credit. I think the lesson I have learned is just to watch your back and take care of yourself because these places are not going to.  Just goes back to bad customer service, which is what I have continually had to deal with. Thanks for any comments!

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  1. Customer service is so underrated. There are thousands of business competing for customers and exceptional customer service is the best way to keep buyers customers returning to your business.

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